Return Policy

All product returns are subject to the following terms and conditions for their review and subsequent approval. These policies are subject to changes without prior notice.

The client must request the return of the product via email to where they must specify:

  1. Product to return.
  2. Motive and cause that originate the return, with photographic evidence and a clear and precise description of the issue.
  3. Sales channel and type of payment.
  4. Receipt, invoice or order number for the product in question.

Once the request has been received, we will review it to evaluate if the return is approved. When this review process is completed, the customer will be notified if the return proceeds or not via email. (NOTE: The approval of a request does not guarantee that it will be fully authorized) If the return proceeds, the client will receive in the same notification email a return ID number, along with the following instructions:

  1. The client will be responsible of shipping the products along with their physical documentation in its entirety (Original packaging, certification of authenticity and all the contents of the original order). The client will also cover every cost the shipping incurs, whether for insurance, taxes or any other concept.
  2. The bulks pertaining to the returned merchandise must be wrapped in plastic wrapping and marked with the return ID number in a clear and legible way.
  3. The client will be responsible for any inconvenience or problem that arises from the shipping of the return, regardless of the nature of the issue.

When the returned products arrive at our destination, a physical examination of the merchandise will take place prior to the authorization of the return. In this inspection we will corroborate that the information of the return request is consistent with the received products.

  • If there are no contradictions, the client will be notified of the authorization of the return. The money paid for the returned products will always be refunded through the same payment method used to make the original purchase. In cases when the purchase was completed via cash deposit or electronic funds transfer, KOEN will get in contact with the client via email to arrange the refund terms.
  • If there are any contradictions or inconsistencies between what is described in the return request and the products received, the customer will be notified that the return has not been authorized for these reasons. The returned products will be shipped back to the customer’s address.

Every return must be shipped to our showroom located in the following address, unless it was previously specified otherwise while talking to the customer via email.

Colonias 188 - 301 A, (Edificio San Fernando)
Colonia Americana
Código postal 44160
Guadalajara, Jalisco, México.

No return request will be accepted if it falls under any of the following circumstances:

  • The product is a course or experience.
  • The product shows clear signs of use.
  • The product is a unique, custom-made piece.
  • The product was sold as an OUTLET item.
  • The packaging or the boxes of the product are not the original ones.
  • The packaging or the boxes of the product come with labels or branding unrelated to KOEN.
  • The client’s order, invoice or receipt specify that KOEN does not accept returns for the products to which they belong.

No refund requests will be accepted after the first 30 days since the original purchase have passed.

Return refunds can take up to 30 business days after the return date to reflect on the client’s account balance.

If you have any doubt regarding our returns policies, please reach out to us via email at or via phone call at +52 01 (33) 2016 6897.

Last updated: 08/19/21