Saddle Leather Strop

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Saddle Leather Strop // 100% natural leather


Using the leather strop is the last step to sharpen the knives. It allows us to remove any imperfection that has been left when sharpening with a whetstone, giving us a smooth and polished edge.


To use the strop, we gently pass the knife through it, with the blade always against the leather. Three or four passes on each side are enough.The lenght makes it especially suitable for larger knives. The leather has a very fine finish for an extremely smooth result. 


The Leather Strop can be used on a regular basis to keep the knife edge in good condition for a longer period of time.
  • Overall Lenght: 65 cm / 25.5"
  • Width: 6.5 cm / 2.5"

Handmade in Mexico by local artisans and designed especially for Chefs and food lovers

100% Natural Leather

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    • Laura Gonzalez, Order #00151, Engravement: Laura Koen
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  • The leather that we use to make our products is 100% natural, so there may be variations in the color and texture of the product with respect to the photographs shown.

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